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Power of Attorney Billingham

Lasting Power of Attorney

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Lasting Power of Attorney In Billingham

Imagine the comfort of knowing that someone you trust completely is taking care of your affairs during times when you’re unable to do so yourself.

Lasting Power of Attorney Essentials

It’s a reality that many of us might face a time when we can’t manage our own affairs due to health reasons. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a proactive measure that allows you to designate one or more trusted individuals to manage your affairs if you’re ever incapacitated, either mentally or physically.

Creating an LPA means you’re ensuring that your chosen person or people have the authority to make decisions on your behalf, safeguarding your interests at a time when you’re most vulnerable.

An LPA is relevant for adults at any stage of life, starting from 18 years old, and it’s a misconception that it’s only for those who are currently facing health issues. The crucial criterion for an LPA is that the appointed attorney(s) must always act with your best interests in mind. We also provide will writing services in Billingham.

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Power of Attorney Billingham

Types of Lasting Power of Attorney

There are two main categories under which an attorney can operate:

  1. Property & Financial Affairs LPA: This type empowers your attorney to handle financial tasks on your behalf, such as managing bank accounts, investments, collecting benefits, or even selling property.
  2. Health & Welfare LPA: This type allows your attorney to make critical decisions regarding your care, living arrangements, and medical treatment, including the power to accept or refuse life-sustaining procedures.

Attorneys are bound by the principle that they cannot alter your will and must always prioritise your welfare in their decisions.

Why Opt for an LPA?

While many people prepare for the event of death by making a will, the increasing likelihood of living longer and possibly requiring long-term care has led more individuals to establish an LPA. This ensures that decisions regarding their care and welfare are made by those they trust the most, rather than leaving such critical decisions to medical professionals or local authorities in the absence of their ability to communicate wishes.

An LPA allows your trusted attorney to act according to your directions if you’re physically unable to manage affairs yourself, keeping you in control for as long as possible. It’s only in situations where you’re mentally incapable that your attorney would make decisions on your behalf, ensuring that your well-being and preferences are prioritised by someone who truly knows and understands you.

Contact us today and we can help you to fill in all of the relevant Lasting Power of Attorney forms and support you through the process.

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Why is a Lasting Power of Attorney Essential?

Conditions like dementia or Parkinson’s disease can significantly impair your ability to make decisions, sometimes making it impossible. Should you lose the capacity to manage your affairs, either physically or mentally, your family could face a costly and time-consuming process to gain the authority needed to handle your affairs.

Without a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), accessing funds in bank accounts can become a major issue, potentially leading to severe financial distress, especially if those funds are needed for daily expenses. Data protection laws exacerbate the situation, making it difficult for even close family members to intervene, as banks and service providers are legally bound to recognise only the account holder or legally authorised individuals.

In the absence of an LPA, assets like bank accounts and investments are effectively frozen, bills may go unpaid, and property may be at risk of repossession. Your family could also face challenges in managing or selling property to support your care or other needs.

Why Choose Us For Power Of Attorney In Billingham?

Choosing us for your Power of Attorney needs in Billingham means placing your trust in a team that combines professionalism, empathy, and a deep understanding of the legal intricacies involved in managing someone’s affairs. Our firm is distinguished by our commitment to personalised service, ensuring that every Power of Attorney document we prepare is tailored to the specific needs and wishes of our clients. We understand the significance of appointing someone to make decisions on your behalf, whether it concerns your health, welfare, property, or financial affairs. Our experts in Billingham are not just versed in the legal framework that governs Power of Attorney arrangements; they also approach each case with the sensitivity and respect it deserves, recognising the profound responsibility that comes with this trust.

Complete Estate Protection’s service is built on clear communication, ensuring that you understand every aspect of the Power of Attorney process and how it can be customised to protect your interests and those of your loved ones. We guide you through the selection of your attorney(s), ensuring that your choices reflect your best interests and providing advice on how to structure your Power of Attorney to serve your needs effectively. With us, you gain not only the assurance that your affairs will be managed according to your wishes but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing your future is in capable hands. Our dedicated team in Billingham and the areas around Billingham, including Wolviston and Cowpen Bewley, is here to support you every step of the way, making us the trusted choice for Power of Attorney services.

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