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What is a Grant de Bonis Non?

The challenging period when a loved one dies can be made even more difficult when the Executor of the deceased’s estate also passes away during the administration process. When the existing arrangements do not allow for the administration of the estate to continue, a new application to the Probate Registry will need to be made for a Grant de Bonis Non.

What is a Grant de Bonis Non?

A Grant de Bonis Non is applied for when the last surviving executor of an estate dies (or has become incapacitated) before finalising the administration. The Grant de Bonis Non is applied for and issued by the Probate Registry and will allow another named person to complete the distribution of the estate.

How long does a Grant de Bonis Non take?

Grant applications can take up to sixteen weeks or longer to complete. This is due to the complexity of a Grant de Bonis Non, especially if there is a requirement for further information.

What is the cost of a Grant de Bonis Non?

As a Grant de Bonis Non tends to be needed in scenarios where a Grant of Representation has already been issued, a second application for the same estate will cost £20; additional copies of the Grant de Bonis Non cost £1.50 each.

Who can apply for a Grant de Bonis Non?

The answer to this question depends on two things:

  • The circumstances of the estate, and
  • The type of Grant that was originally applied for.

If the original Grant was a Grant of Probate

If the original Grant was a Grant of Probate in the name of the Executor, and if there is no chain of representation or other Executors to continue the administration, then the new Grant required is a Grant of Letters of Administration with Will annexed de Bonis Non.

This can be done by a residual beneficiary or someone else entitled to a share of the estate.

In scenarios where the sole Executor and sole beneficiary under the Will are the same, it would be the Personal Representative of the sole Executor’s estate who would apply for the Grant de Bonis Non.

How to obtain a Grant de Bonis Non

A Grant de Bonis Non Application must be completed on a paper probate application form; this is either a PA1P (if the original deceased left a valid Will) or a PA1A (if the original deceased died intestate). Unfortunately, these claims cannot be made online. The form must be completed by the person(s) entitled to obtain the Grant de Bonis Non and it will need to be accompanied by:

  • A copy of the original Grant of Representation obtained;
  • A CAP A5C form to confirm the value of the estate. This form can be obtained by contacting the Inheritance Tax helpline on 0300 123 1072; and
  • Any other supporting documents, such as a copy of the Grant of Representation for the sole Executor/Administrator who has died (if their Personal Representative is applying).

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