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Wills Teesside

Making a will

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Making A Will

For will writing in Teesside and across the North East, make sure that you contact Complete Estate Protection today.

Choosing to create a will is a very personal choice. Making a will should be an individual decision, this is because everyone has a different idea of what will happen to their money and assets, it is imperative to establish these ideas in advance.

While the majority of people think their closest relatives and families will inherit their possessions when they pass away, this isn’t always the case, and there may be several issues when there isn’t a will. Of course, loved ones come first in a will, but some people might also consider donating their money to charity.

Ultimately, creating a will is all about protecting the ones that are most important to you, it will give you peace of mind. When it comes to wills and estate planning, at Complete Estate Protection we offer a range of honest and comprehensive expertise and advice in wills, we will ensure an excellent service. Simply speak to our team today.

Why Do I Need A Will?

If you have a will, you can relax knowing your ultimate wishes will be carried out. Additionally, it ensures that the process is painless for your loved ones and gives legal certainty on the transfer of your assets.

Up to 70% of people die without having written a will, which can result in a number of pricey and difficult legal issues should there be a dispute over who should get your estate.

Many people believe that everything they own will pass to their family when they die, but the law will ultimately decide what happens if there is no will. The family runs the danger of losing everything or paying exorbitant legal expenses if they oppose the estate’s distribution. Without a will, there is simply no assurance; unmarried couples and other dependents may not inherit in the event of an unexpected death of a partner, even if they cohabit.

Everyone has some form of possession, whether it is jewellery, furniture, money in the bank, a home (with or without a mortgage), a car, a business, or even personal property. You still have something to leave behind even if you don’t think you do. Another item to consider is what happens to any online accounts and digital assets after your passing. All of this may be taken care of with a will, which will also ensure that the right people have access to and get your assets.

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What Do I Need To Consider In A Will?

In addition to selecting beneficiaries, you also need to decide on executors and guardians if you have younger children.

You must make a will if you have minor children in order to designate guardians for them in the event of your demise and someone to handle their inheritance until they are old enough to inherit.

Take “Rights of Occupation” into consideration, which ensures that your loved ones can lawfully occupy a property even if it finally passes to another beneficiary.

It is ultimately up to you to decide what happens to your money, assets, and possessions after your passing.

How To Write And Store A Will

Many people think that writing a will may take a lot of time but if you work with a reputable and professional firm like ours, it usually only takes an hour or two to discuss your circumstances.

To be legally binding, a will cannot have a witness who is also one of its beneficiaries. Once you are satisfied with the will writing, it will need to be signed, dated, and declared legally enforceable. To avoid loss or damage after that, it must be stored safely.

If your will is lost, stolen, harmed, or changed, it will be ruled as invalid. It must be kept in a safe, fire-resistant area, ideally outside of the home. In order to make sure that your will is always traceable and secure in case of an emergency, Complete Estate Protection offers all of its clients storage space in a secure, registered, and fireproof facility. We also register all of our clients on the National Will Register.

People often revise their will three to four times over their lives. Situations alter, people move, pass away, and occasionally, disputes arise amongst family members or friends. Your family might grow and you may become parents, adding grandchildren or great-grandchildren to take into account. Your will must accurately reflect your current preferences and be promptly amended in the event that things change.

Why Choose Complete Estate Protection To Write Your Will?

Without the correct advice, you run the risk of creating a will that is invalid and that will not properly distribute your assets after you pass away. Complete Estate Protection is an expert will writer and a proud member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers.

We will make sure you have considered every possibility because we are aware of the risks and will ask you the right questions. Working with you, our skilled staff will draft a will that considers all of your financial and personal situations. We will offer direction and assistance as we lead you through the process to ensure that you have sufficiently provided for your loved ones upon your death and to lessen the burden at this difficult time, on those who will be left behind.

You will always know what to expect and what is involved because of the openness and honesty of our fees.

For more information, contact our team today.

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Contact Us Today For More Information

If you would like a no-obligation discussion about what is open to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Many of our customers have been extremely pleased with the service we have provided, so what are you waiting for, find out today. At Complete Estate Protection as well as wills, our services also cover probate, wills and lasting powers of attorney. For more information, get in touch with our team today, we can assist with all of your requirements and will ensure a value service.

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I can't recommend CEP enough. Updated my will and put in place power of attorney documentation - should have done it sooner. Dan is very personable and approachable and is highly knowledgeable in this field. Super smooth process and great service. Highly recommended.
Neil Thomas
13:17 08 Feb 24
hi, Daniel has just provided wills for my wife and I as part of a charitable donation from complete estate protection to Teesside Hospice. The service Daniel gave us was both friendly and very professional and we're very pleased with the outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending Daniel and CEP to anyone who's looking to have a will written up.kind regards to Daniel and to all who may read this.Ian McDonald
Bikehook Mcd
15:40 22 Jan 24
Excellent Service! Reasonable prices, very friendly and accessible staff. Than you.
Med Med
11:13 27 Nov 23
We found Daniel very friendly and efficient, he explained everything clearly and answered all our questions. We came away with peace of mind that everything had been sorted to protect the future for our family. Thank you.
teresa pybus
13:37 03 Nov 23
A excellent service. Daniel was extremely friendly and professional, fully helped with all my requests.Would definitely recommend !
Margaret Myers
17:36 02 Nov 23
Was recommended by my friend to use Complete Estate Protection to deal with arranging my will, Highly recommend Daniel who went though everything with me step by step & was very professional & good at explaining everything I needed to know about writing my will.
Carole Talbot
11:49 11 Sep 23
Contacted original to update our wills and appointment made. We found Daniel very friendly and helpful with different options explained and ways to safeguard ourselves for the future. Everything was explained clearly and all questions answered and we were very happy with the process.
Sue Barton
12:31 17 Aug 23
Excellent, professional and speedy service. Daniel was extremely friendly and professional and fully understood our needs. We have no hesitation in highly recommending Daniel and his Company, and at a very competitive price.
Jacqueline Saul
13:57 04 Apr 23
Recommended by our brother-in-law, we experienced a veryprofessional, well explained, very efficient service. Completedin our required time frame to fit in with the availability of the signatories.We would not hesitate to recommend to friends and colleagues.
Trevor G Wright
10:44 05 Jan 23
Excellent service.Local & reliable.Dan is an expert, professional & respectful.Listened to what my parents fears were & what they wanted.Dan has now fully protected my parents assets which they have worked hard, all their lives for & as a family we know their wishes & Dan has made that process as easy as possible when it comes.One huge weight of my their mind as they go forward to enjoy their retirement.
nicola clements
15:35 16 Sep 22
I contacted Daniel from Complete Estate Protection to amend my will and, from the very start, he was extremely professional and friendly.Nothing was too much trouble and he explained all my options and answered all my questions with ease.If I could give him more than a 5* rating, I would and I have since recommended him to family and friends.
david johnson
09:05 12 Sep 22
A very professional and quality service.Daniel arrived promptly at my mother's care home where he diligently explained the whole procedure of the Will Writing Service and Power of Attorney procedure.In no time at all we were signed up and my mother and I were extremely pleased with which Daniel handled all of our queries.I would not hesitate to recommend this service to friends and family. A truly first class service.
Chris Thomas
17:42 11 Jul 22