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Wills Stokesley

Making a will

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Making A Will

For reliable will writing in Stokesley, Great Ayton, Seamer and Great Broughton, look no further than Complete Estate Protection. We understand that everyone has unique preferences regarding the distribution of their assets and finances after their passing. Therefore, it is crucial to contemplate these perspectives in advance, and the decision to make a will should always be a personal one.

While many assume that their closest relatives will automatically inherit their estate, this is not always the case, and complications can arise in the absence of a will. In a will, it is essential to prioritise family members, but some individuals may also consider leaving a portion of their wealth to a charitable cause.

The primary purpose of making a will is to safeguard the well-being of those who matter most to you. If you require more information on will writing, our team in Stokesley is here to assist you. We provide a wide range of expertise and guidance in wills and will writing, ensuring comprehensive protection for you and your family.

Why Do I Need A Will?

Ensuring you have a properly drafted will is vital as it provides peace of mind, knowing that your final wishes will be respected. Moreover, it offers legal clarity regarding the transfer of your assets, eliminating any potential distress for your loved ones during the process.

Remarkably, up to 70% of individuals pass away without having written a will. This unfortunate circumstance can lead to costly and complex legal issues if disputes arise concerning the rightful beneficiaries of your wealth.

While many assume that their belongings will automatically pass to their family members upon their demise, the absence of a will means that the law will ultimately determine the outcome. In such cases, families risk losing everything or incurring exorbitant legal expenses if the distribution of the estate is contested. It is important to note that without a will, cohabiting couples without children and other dependents may not be entitled to inheritances in the event of a partner’s untimely death.

Whether it includes jewellery, furniture, bank savings, a mortgaged or mortgage-free property, a vehicle, a business, or personal possessions, everyone possesses assets of some nature. Even if you believe you have nothing significant to leave behind, it is crucial to allocate time for will writing. Additionally, it is essential to consider the fate of online accounts and digital assets after your passing. A will can address all these concerns, ensuring that your assets are rightfully received by the designated parties.

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Things To Consider In A Will?

When preparing your will, it is crucial to carefully select beneficiaries, executors, and guardians for your children. These considerations extend beyond just choosing beneficiaries alone.

Within your will, you have the opportunity to appoint guardians who will responsibly care for your children in the unfortunate event of your passing. Furthermore, it is essential to designate someone who will manage their inheritance until they reach the appropriate age to inherit it themselves.

Additionally, it is important to be mindful of the concept of “Rights of Occupation” within your will. These rights ensure that your loved ones can legally reside in a property, even if its ultimate ownership lies with another beneficiary.

Remember, the fate of your money, assets, and possessions after your passing ultimately rests in your hands. By diligently preparing a will, you retain control over these important decisions, providing invaluable clarity and security for your loved ones.

How To Write And Will Storage

When it comes to creating wills in Stokesley, Great Broughton or Great Ayton, many people harbour the misconception that it will be a time-consuming endeavour. However, by engaging the services of a reputable and proficient company like ours, the process typically requires only an hour or two to discuss your unique circumstances and objectives for the will.

It is important to note that a witness to the will cannot also be a beneficiary if you wish for it to be legally enforceable. Once you have reviewed and are satisfied with the will, it is crucial to sign, date, and ensure its legal validity. Afterward, it should be securely stored to prevent any potential loss or damage.

Keep in mind that the integrity of your will could be compromised if it goes astray, is stolen, damaged, or subject to unauthorised alterations. For optimal protection, your will should be stored in a secure and flame-resistant location, preferably situated away from your residence. Here at Complete Estate Protection, we prioritise the safety and accessibility of your will by offering all our clients storage space within a registered and fireproof facility. This ensures that your will remains traceable and secure, even in unforeseen emergencies. Furthermore, we take the additional step of registering all our clients on the National Will Register.

Throughout the course of their lives, individuals often find the need to update their will three to four times. Circumstances evolve, individuals relocate, loved ones pass away, and occasional disputes may arise among friends or family members. As your family expands, with the addition of grandchildren or great-grandchildren, it becomes crucial to ensure that your will accurately reflects your current wishes. It is imperative to promptly update your will when circumstances change to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.

Why Choose Complete Estate Protection For Will Writing in Stokesley?

To safeguard against the risk of creating an invalid will that fails to equitably distribute your assets after your passing, it is imperative to seek the right guidance. At Complete Estate Protection, we take pride in being expert will writers and esteemed members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers.

Recognizing the potential pitfalls, our knowledgeable team will pose pertinent questions to ensure that every possible scenario is considered. By collaborating closely with you, we will craft a comprehensive will tailored to your specific financial and personal circumstances. Our aim is to ensure that you adequately provide for your loved ones upon your demise while easing the burden on those who will be left behind. Throughout the process, we will offer unwavering guidance and support.

With our transparent and honest pricing, you can rest assured that you will have a clear understanding of what to expect and the involved costs.

For further details, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team today.

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If you would like a no-obligation discussion about what is open to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team about our services, we can advise you on the best direction for you to take. At Complete Estate Protection we also provide a service for inheritance tax, estates planning and probate services.

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