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Case Study: Securing the Future with Complete Estate Protection


John and Mary Bates, a couple in their late fifties, reside in Hartlepool. They have two adult children, Emma and James, and two young grandchildren. John recently retired from his job as an engineer, while Mary works part-time as a school administrator. With their children grown up and John’s retirement in place, they began thinking seriously about their estate planning. They wanted to ensure that their assets were distributed according to their wishes and that their family would be taken care of in the future. Having heard about Complete Estate Protection through a local community event, they decided to seek professional help.

Initial Consultation

The couple arranged an initial consultation with Complete Estate Protection. They were greeted warmly by Daniel, one of our experienced advisors. The meeting took place at the Complete Estate Protection office in Hartlepool, a welcoming and professional environment that immediately put them at ease. Daniel began by explaining the will writing process in detail, emphasising the importance of having a legally binding will. She asked John and Mary about their specific wishes and any concerns they might have. The couple expressed that they wanted to ensure their children and grandchildren were well provided for, and they also wanted to include some charitable donations to organisations they cared about.

Gathering Information

During the initial meeting, Daniel gathered essential information about John and Mary’s assets. This included their family home, a holiday cottage, savings accounts, investments, and John’s pension. She also discussed their family dynamics and their individual wishes regarding the distribution of their estate. John and Mary emphasised their desire to ensure that their grandchildren would benefit from their estate, and they wanted to avoid any potential family disputes.

Drafting the Will

Following the initial consultation, Daniel and the Complete Estate Protection team began drafting the Bates’ will. The couple wanted to ensure that their estate was divided equally between their two children, Emma and James. Additionally, they wanted to set aside funds for their grandchildren’s education and make a donation to a local animal rescue charity that they had supported for many years. Daniel meticulously drafted the will, ensuring that all legal requirements were met and that the document accurately reflected John and Mary’s wishes. She included specific provisions for the grandchildren’s educational funds, outlining how and when the funds should be accessed. The charitable donation was also clearly specified, with instructions on how the funds should be used by the charity.

Review and Finalisation

Once the draft was complete, Daniel invited John and Mary back to the office for a thorough review. She went through the will with them step by step, ensuring they understood every detail. The couple appreciated Daniel’s patience and her ability to explain complex legal terms in a simple and understandable way. John and Mary suggested a few minor adjustments, such as clarifying the amounts allocated for the grandchildren’s education and adjusting the timing of the charitable donation. Daniel made these changes promptly, and the final draft was prepared. The signing of the will was the next step. Daniel arranged for two independent witnesses, as required by law, to be present during the signing. John and Mary signed their will with a sense of relief and satisfaction, knowing that their estate would be handled according to their wishes.

Additional Estate Planning Services

During the process, Daniel also discussed additional estate planning services that Complete Estate Protection offered. John and Mary were interested in setting up a lasting power of attorney (LPA) to ensure that their financial and health decisions would be managed by trusted individuals if they were ever unable to do so themselves. Daniel explained the different types of LPAs – one for financial decisions and one for health and welfare decisions. John and Mary decided to appoint Emma as their attorney for financial decisions and James for health and welfare decisions, ensuring that each child had a specific role in their future care. Daniel assisted them in drafting and registering the LPAs, ensuring all legal requirements were met.

The Outcome

With their will and LPAs in place, John and Mary felt a tremendous sense of relief. They knew their wishes would be respected, their children and grandchildren would be cared for, and their charitable legacy would be honoured. The process had been straightforward and stress-free, thanks to the professional guidance of Complete Estate Protection. John and Mary were particularly impressed with the personalised service they received. Daniel and the team took the time to understand their specific needs and concerns, providing tailored advice that gave them confidence in their estate planning decisions.

Long-term Relationship

Complete Estate Protection’s relationship with the Bates’s did not end with the signing of their will. Daniel recommended periodic reviews of their estate plan to ensure it remained current with any changes in their circumstances or legal requirements. John and Mary appreciated this ongoing support and knew they could rely on Complete Estate Protection for future advice and assistance.


John and Mary’s experience with Complete Estate Protection highlights the importance of professional will writing and estate planning services. By choosing Complete Estate Protection, they were able to create a comprehensive and legally sound will that reflected their wishes and provided for their family’s future. The added support in setting up LPAs ensured their financial and health decisions would be managed according to their preferences. This case study demonstrates how Complete Estate Protection’s personalised approach and expert guidance can make the estate planning process straightforward and reassuring for clients in Hartlepool. John and Mary now have peace of mind, knowing their legacy is secure and their family is protected, thanks to the dedicated team at Complete Estate Protection. Get in touch for more information about the will writing services we provide.