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Why choose Complete Estate Protection for your Lasting Power of Attorney

What is Lasting Power of Attorney and why do I need it?

Lasting Power of Attorney enables somebody you trust to make decisions on your behalf or carry out practical duties such as visiting the bank or sorting personal finances, should you be incapacitated in some way. Illness, onset of dementia or even accidents can mean that you are unable to sort important issues out, or you may be unable to make judgements about your own care.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document which enables a person to give another person (or persons) the power to assist them with managing their affairs and/or to make decisions on their behalf should they lose the capacity to do so themselves.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is imperative for future planning – to ensure that your loved ones will feel safe in the knowledge that your needs are being carried out as you wished.

Why choose Complete Estate Protection?

Complete Estate Protection have in excess of 20 years of experience in providing Lasting Power of Attorney to numerous clients. In addition, we offer the following key elements of service:

  1. We’re a local company – you are not just a number and your business is appreciated
  2. We work on a face-to-face consultation basis, either at your home or at our office in Acklam
  3. We instigate and monitor the full process for you, taking away any unwanted stress
  4. There is no requirement to register documents today – documents can be updated for a small fee and registered when they are needed
  5. We provide all your options in non-technical terms and we don’t engage in pushy sales techniques. We leave you to make the decision in your best interests.
  6. We offer competitive fixed pricing that does not change from your quote

Complete Estate Protection are experts in assisting people with creating a Lasting Power of Attorney. Please learn more here.

Alternatively, please contact us via email on or call 01642 493101.